Why career coaching works.

If you choose career coaching, whether to find your dream job or to make a complete career change, some of the things you can expect from career coaching at AVALES Wilhelm include:

Review of resume and LinkedIn profile In career coaching, one of the first steps is a thorough review of your resume to find out what is missing and what should be left out in relation to your chosen career path. This includes coaching on how to reshape your resume to highlight the core skills required in your field and bring it up to date with the times.

Identifying and improving your skills Even if your skills were perfect for your previous job, the job you want may require different skills. Career coaching helps you to identify your hidden skills and find out what skills are required for your desired career and helps you to improve them. Coaching also helps you develop the skills you need to excel in your career.

Improving Leadership and Confidence Career coaching helps you practice and improve your leadership skills. It also helps build your confidence in yourself and your abilities. Leadership skills and self-confidence are impressive skills, especially when it comes to finding an executive-level job.

Brilliant in Interviews and Networking Career coaching is about preparing you for potential job interviews and improving your networking skills. These skills are necessary to advance in your career. Therefore, career coaching focuses on taking you to the next level in necessary interviewing and networking skills.

Navigating the Job Search Finding your way in the job market is a challenge. Career coaching helps you not only navigate this sometimes confusing field, but also identify and navigate the hidden job markets.