We guide you in developing powerful, human skills.

We only and exclusively offer tailored programs. We will develop your strengths or that of your team, bring deep and advanced insights to light and help you and your team to achieve ambitious goals and to continuously improve.

We believe that a corporate culture should be deliberately and thoughtfully built. A corporate culture is shaped by mindsets, values, and behaviors. The way of doing something is as important as the way not to do it. Silence when speaking is important, or lack of determination can have just as much impact. Few are aware of how important their emotional abilities and behaviors are for the corporate culture. We help you build a positive corporate culture, in part through increased emotional awareness.

Let us be your partner. We will guide you in developing powerful, human skills that will make a real difference for you and your company.

Group Coaching

What is group coaching at AVALES Wilhelm? Also known as "peer group coaching," it is a method in which an AVALES Wilhelm coach helps a group of people improve specific behaviors or outcomes. The coach creates a psychologically safe environment where participants can talk, share, discover, and support each other.

In contrast to "team coaching", group coaching does not require participants to work together in their daily work and focuses on the improvement of each individual. When it comes to team coaching, all participants work together with a common goal where the focus of the coaching is on improving the overall performance of the team.

The advantage of group coaching for a company is that it is the most effective and cost-efficient method of developing talent and organisational skills. Instead of spending thousands of francs per month on a coach to develop one employee, you can spend the same on 5-20 people participating in the group. As relationships between group members are strengthened, collaboration across the organization also improves.

Example No.1: An organization introduces the "Women in Leadership" program to develop skills in areas such as self-confidence, networking, visibility for work, and powerful communication. Group coaching sessions take place monthly over several months.

Example No.2: A company introduces the "First-Line-Manager" program for managers who have recently completed the New Manager Academy. Focus topics include feedback, delegation, crucial conversations, and accountability. Group coaching sessions take place monthly over several months.

Example No.3: An organization introduces the "Diversity, Inclusivity, Belonging" program for all employees. Focus topics include unconscious biases, dimensions of diversity, and dealing with microaggressions. Group coaching sessions take place twice monthly over several months

Great coaching is an art

We have some of the best executive coaches in Switzerland. Experienced professionals with psychological training, business acumen and considerable corporate experience.

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